St. Petersburg Car Accident Attorney

Car accidents can be scary, and getting injured can be even more frightening. Many people are more frightened of all of the changes that will happen after an injury than they are about the actual injury. Whether your injury is permanent or temporary, the best way to protect yourself is by reaching our St. Petersburg car accident attorneys at Jeanette J. Secor, P.A. We have the personal injury experience you need to ensure your well being after a car accident has occurred in the St. Petersburg area.

Injuries can alter the way you live your life. An injury can limit your ability to perform your job duties, or even prevent you from working at all. An injury can affect the way you interact with your family members and can also affect your mobility and self-reliance. Whether the injury is temporary or permanent it can affect your ability to live your life normally. With all of these possible consequences of an injury, it is important to have an attorney that understands the value that you place on your way of life. At Jeanette J. Secor, P.A, our St. Petersburg car accident attorney investigates every possible contributing cause of the car accident. We work hard to make sure that you receive the compensation you deserve to cover your injuries, and to compensate you for your inability to live life the way you did before you were injured. A settlement in an automobile accident case can cover missed income, medical bills, and compensate you for pain and suffering. Settlements, which are sometimes large amounts of money, can cover your income, bills, and medical expenses that you may be unable to pay either temporarily or permanently because of the car accident injury.

Many insurance companies will try to tell you that your car accident was something minor. These companies are often stingy when it comes to giving you the money you need to cover your costs caused by the car accident. After getting the medical attention you need in a car accident, the first thing you should do is call the best auto accident and personal injury law firm in St. Petersburg. Give yourself peace of mind knowing that we will battle the insurance companies for the compensation that you deserve.

Here at Jeanette J. Secor, P.A. we cannot stress enough how important it is to promptly call us after you have been in a car accident so that we can collect the necessary evidence and information that we need to build a legal case. The initial consultation with Jeanette J. Secor, P.A., our St. Petersburg car accident attorney, is free of charge and if we feel that you have a case, we will work the case on a contingent fee basis, which means we only get paid if you win! You may have a valid case and claim and be entitled to compensation for the injuries you experience from a car accident, so call us today for a free consultation!