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A divorce can be the most stressful experience of your life as emotions and the other stressors of life combine against you. Because of the hurt feelings over a divorce, it can often be very difficult to agree with your estranged spouse over a divorce agreement. Because this process can be so difficult, the use of a divorce attorney is usually needed. Jeanette J. Secor, P.A. is a leading St. Petersburg divorce lawyer, committed to help handle your case by negotiating a fair settlement to help reduce conflict and give you some peace of mind in this difficult time.

In most divorces, it is necessary for both the husband and wife to agree on the terms of the divorce. Most often these terms involve custody of children, assets, and pets that were acquired during the marriage. Negotiating these terms are very important because many people will try to take all of the money and leave their spouse with all of the debt. These types of one sided agreements can financially ruin the other person and make it impossible for them to ever recover. Because the agreement that has to be made is so important, Jeanette J. Secor. P.A. is delicate in addressing these agreements, and will work hard to make the agreement as fair as possible and to make sure that the conditions are realistic and can be met.

If you have children, it is very important to contact our St Petersburg divorce lawyer as we have the resources and the experience to be able to help you with child custody and parental rights. Legal custody of a child gives the parent the right and obligation to make long term decisions regarding their children such as religion, medical care, or schooling. Most parents do not want to have to give up their parental rights; It is therefore vital to hire an experienced divorce attorney. In some cases, it is possible for both parents to have physical and legal custody so that these types of decisions can be made by both parties.

Another major issue can come from a divorce case is child support. Child support is set by the Court and is based on the need of the child and the ability of the parents to pay for those needs. To make sure that child support is fair, you need the help of an experienced attorney. The divorce attorneys at Jeanette J Secor, P.A. can provide you with that experience. We will protect your finances and income to make sure that fair child support measures are instituted and upheld. With our help you can keep conflict to a minimum and negotiate a divorce settlement that is fair to you, your spouse, and your children if you have them. Too many people go to a divorce court without the legal representation they need to make sure that a fair agreement is reached. If you are getting divorced and are in need of a top St. Petersburg divorce lawyer, contact Jeanette J. Secor, P.A. for a low priced consultation of only $50 to discuss the best path to follow in this delicate time in your life

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