St. Petersburg Divorce Lawyer for Men

You need protection with an experienced St. Petersburg divorce lawyer for men. Jeanette J. Secor specializes in handling all family law, proceedings for men's divorce, and advice for men from start to finish. Although she understands that divorce is stressful on everyone, she also knows that men are not protected in a great majority of the cases. Hopefully well help alleviate some of your stress with the insights and information available on this site concerning your rights and obligations during this trying time.

What Your Wife Knows and You May Not

Have you thought about leaving your wife? Perhaps that was the farthest thing on your mind until you were recently served with divorce papers. Women are responsible for filing divorces about 85% of the time, and its usually because of marital dissatisfaction, not abuse or infidelity.  Because she understands that courts tend to favor wives, she is willing to proceed. This bias can cost her husband tens of thousands of dollars, custody of his children, and cause undue hardship and stress his relationships with his children. And theres more .

Divorce is costly to men. All of his assets, both current and future are at risk. From the possibilities of excessive alimony and child support payments, to his home, cars, bank accounts, and personal possessions as well as future income and retirement benefits nothing is safe. To add fuel to the fire, the husband could also be forced to assume all of his wifes personal debts. And, financial ruin is not the only concern. When it comes to child custody matters, most courts favor women. 

Husbands need an experianced St. Petersburg divorce lawyer for men. Jeanette Secor understands the uphill battles and knows the issues faced in men's divorce proceedings and advice for men that will help.


When considering the best divorce lawyer, look for one who will:

    Make sure your interests are protected in the division of assets.

    Ensure you receive all of what you are legally entitled to receive of the marital estate.

    Fight for your current and future financial security.

    Fight for your children whether for custody or visitation rights.

    Obtain any alimony and/or child support you are entitled to receive.

    Find any and all hidden assets.

    Mediate if possible to avoid expensive and lengthy court proceedings.

    Provide extraordinary legal service at a reasonable cost.

    Maintain open communication and work hard for you.

As a St. Petersburg divorce lawyer for men, Jeanette Secor understands the unique perspective of men's divorce and will fight for the husbands rights. She will fight hard to protect all of his assets, both current and future from a greedy and unscrupulous wife. She will fight for his child custody rights and visitation rights. She understands the traditional biases men face within the judicial system, and she will fight against them.

As an experienced St. Petersburg divorce lawyer for men, let Jeanette Secor provide you with the dedicated, aggressive divorce representation and advice for men you can count on.