Injury Law 101

The more you learn about personal injury law, the better prepared you can be to tackle an issue if it ever comes up. The truth is that personal injury law actually covers a pretty broad spectrum of issues. This can include situations where someone has been emotionally or physically injured, or their property or assets have been damaged or destroyed. The main point of personal injury law is to find out who is responsible for the injuries and damage and where the responsibility should lie. Once someone has been deemed "liable" for the injury then action can be taken to find out how much the responsible party should pay in order to compensate for any damages that have occurred because of it. When dealing with personal injury law, it can be broken down into three different categories: intentional torts, negligence, and also products liability torts.

Torts and Negligence

A tort is a civil or private injury or wrong that can be remedied by a court of law. When someone commits a tort against another person, a lawsuit for damages can help to remedy it. A tort is committed whenever someone violates a duty that they owe to other people under the law. The person committing the tort, who is known as the tortfeasor, is responsible to compensate the victim. The most common type of tort is negligence. In a negligence case, there are four elements that must be shown. The first element is that the tortfeasor must owe some kind of legal duty to other people. Usually this is the duty to use reasonable care. The second element is that the tortfeasor has breached or broken this legal duty. For instance, a careless driver that causes an accident has breached his or her duty to use reasonable care on the road. The third element is that the broken commitments of duty must be the cause of the injury. And lastly, the victim must suffer some kind of damage, such as a personal injury.

Aggressive St. Petersburg Personal Injury Law Firm

These are the basics of Injury Law, and have to be considered by every personal injury law firm that St. Petersburg offers. Here at Jeanette Secor, P.A. we cannot guarantee that we will be able to win every case, but we can assure that we will do our very best to protect your personal rights. We can guarantee that we will work very hard for you and also that we will work very hard with you. We will give you sound advice, and help give you an objective point of view. We will also help share in the decision-making process. Our staff of trained professionals will focus on being prompt, efficient, and professional about the entire process. We will do everything that we can to help maximize your recovery.

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